3 Common Questions About Collections


  1. Is a paid collection better than an unpaid collection?
  • Whether you pay a collection or not, it will still be on your credit reports for at least seven years, unless it gets disputed off otherwise. The only benefit of paying off a collection is that once it is deleted, it cannot come back onto your credit reports. It is not common for collections to come back after being successfully deleted, but it happens from time to time. Luckily for you, we give you one set price for your case so even if something were to reappear as you’re working with us, we will dispute it again and again for no extra charge.


  1. There is a debt collector who is harassing me about a collection. What do I do?
  • Don’t worry! As of October 2018, we provide all our clients access to lawyers that will help you with your direct issues. They will check your reports for FREE and give you the best legal approach for your specific situation. They can help you get into lawsuits if necessary as well, so you may have the chance to claim money if you decide to use their services. If a debt collector is harassing you, you may be eligible for a high claim!


  1. How many points do each of my collections cost my credit score?
  • There is no way to calculate this. By looking into the age of your collections, how many you have, as well as seeing your credit score, we can give you a lucky guess of how much each is hurting you, but in reality, no one can know. There are so many factors to each negative account you have that can’t fully be seen from credit reports alone. Your spending habits may also be heavily hurting your credit score, so most of the damage may not be coming from a collection necessarily. The bright side is that no matter what your score is, we will raise it as high as possible by removing everything from all three of your credit reports as well as help you build positive credit.