Our Passion

We help YOU achieve more in your life!


Real Clique Credit Repair is focused on giving you the second chance you deserve, financially, by disputing ALL your negative items every round on ALL 3 credit bureaus, and helping you BUILD POSITIVE CREDIT.

With your personal Credit Specialist, you will gain the knowledge you need to maintain your new credit score for the rest of your life.

Learn about credit as we repair your score in the FASTEST manner possible!

Anthony Marquez from Real Clique Credit Repair

“After working 6+ years with another credit repair company, I’ve learned the ins and outs of how to run a credit repair business. Many sleepless nights were spent finding ways to boost customer service and make overall improvements to give my clients the best experience possible before building Real Clique Credit Repair. I refine all operations of credit repair and constantly develop strategies for expansion.”

Anthony Marquez

– Co founder/ CEO
Dianelis Palacio from Real Clique Credit Repair

“I dispute negative accounts aggressively to obtain the GREATEST RESULTS POSSIBLE. It takes a lot of hard work on my behalf to investigate thousands of reports and write out personalized dispute letters for our clients. It’s all worth it once I see lives changed.”

Dianelis Palacio

– Dispute Manager
Alex Concepcion from Real Clique Credit Repair

“My passion for customer service is what has drive me to make our company one of the leading credit repair companies in the US. We take pride in our attention to detail and our work to ensure your experience with us is top notch. We stand behind our results and enjoy helping people change their live’s around for the better!”

Alex Concepcion

– Operations Manager/ Partner
Jessica Concepcion from Real Clique Credit Repair

“I help my clients build and maintain a high credit score, which will have a dramatic impact on your quality of life now and in the future. Let me help you build a bright future now.”

Jessica Concepcion

– Senior Credit Specialist
Antonio Hurtado from Real Clique Credit Repair

“I started working for RCCR because helping people change their lives has always been a passion of mine. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, and with my responsibilities as Sales Manager, I help people get on the road to a better life through credit repair. My integrity is far more important than a paycheck and that is why I love this company so much.”

Antonio Hurtado

– Retention Manager
Monique Melendez Iglesias from Real Clique Credit Repair

“I provide a personalized credit repair service for you. I walk you through the entire process, giving you all the information you need to build and maintain a high credit score. I help my clients make their credit goals into a reality.”

Monique Iglesias

– Credit Specialist
Jenifer Lichtenberger from Real Clique Credit Repair

“Without me, your reports would be in hyperspace. I organize and receive everyone’s reports while also managing tasks for the credit specialists. I love being support for RCCR.”

Jenifer Vazquez

– Support Specialist

Our Passion


We’re excited to give you the path to a better future! We believe in second chances and that’s why helping our clients achieve an EXCELLENT credit score is our top priority. There’s no greater satisfaction than changing lives by focusing on REMOVING all things bad from your credit reports, as well as help you BUILD positive credit!

Why Choose Us ?


The Client Comes First

We don’t just hear your issues, we listen, and we understand to provide you with the BEST solutions for your problems. We proactively engage in reviewing the market place to give us a broader view on what our clients want and need. We ensure you that with our experience, you are getting the most ethical and effective approach to repairing your credit.

The Way We Work

We begin by analyzing our client’s reports from all three credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian.  We dispute all accounts containing inaccurate information and those that are considered to be negative, including hard inquiries which hurt your credit by 3-9 points each. After successful completion of phase 2, you will receive your reports in the mail with the results of the negative accounts being removed from the credit reporting agencies. It’s a rinse and repeat process of disputing accounts again and again using different strategies through hard copies to ensure you the fastest results. We assign you a Personal Credit Specialist who calls you once a month to talk to you about your reports as well as to give you access to ways on how to build your credit through hand picked trade lines, credit lines, and more. We offer you the service and information you DESERVE so that you can erase the bad, build the good. and maintain for your future outside of Real Clique Credit Repair.

RCCR Compared to Our Competitors

Ever heard a credit repair company tell you “Pay monthly and cancel when you want!”? What that means is the longer they take on fixing your credit, the more money they make! Our competitors purposefully stretch out your payments in means to lengthen the process and make more money off of you. Do you have the TIME or MONEY for that? Of course you don’t! There’s no reason why you should be paying for your credit to be repaired for over a year, and I have heard that some people pay for multiple years with other companies only to find themselves still stuck below a 690 credit score.

Ever asked a credit repair company about what exactly they are doing for you every round? Chances are, if you have, you’ve heard that there are limitations to what can be done to your credit reports every month without freezing your credit. With Real Clique Credit Repair, we throw limitations into the wind! We work on 100% of your case at all times! We dispute EVERY negative item you have on all three credit bureaus as well as all of your hard inquiries EVERY round with NO EXEMPTIONS!

How we get crazy fast results without freezing your credit is through customized hard copy disputes which cannot freeze your credit and gives you the FASTEST results possible. If you’ve dealt with a company who does digital disputes, they’ll tell  you that the maximum they can do every month is only 8-9 disputes without freezing your credit. Digital disputes SUCK! Save your time and money. Get MORE EFFECTIVE, FASTER RESULTS with Real Clique Credit Repair.