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As of March 2018

Negative Item Number of Removals
Collections 2,520
Late Payment 1,974
Charge Off 3,008
Bankruptcy 258
Judgment 786
Lien 224
Repossession 344
Foreclosure 502
Civil Claims 684

Total Removals 12,504


Jc S.

Downtown, Atlanta, GA

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ALex C from Real Clique Credit Repair was so amazing on getting my Credit score back to where it needed to be. I'm so thankful for Alex helping me delete all the Bad reports I had on my Creadit report. Alex called me this afternoon giving me a great news. He removed a bankruptcy I had on my creadt report that was hunting me doen for the past few years.

Thank You sir

Michael S.

Glenvar Heights, FL

544 friends 5 review

Absolutely amazing job my credit has shot up and is still going up can't wait to see how high it ends up. I highly recommend them to anyone!