How long before I see results?

Many of our clients see results in as little as 30-45 days. It all depends on how many negative accounts that are on your credit reports, how old those accounts are and how many inaccuracies that are found in your case. Since we dispute ALL negative items in EVERY round of disputes, we have a great chance of boosting your score quickly and efficiently. We guarantee to get you the FASTEST results possible since we’re working on 100% of your credit.

Every day, creditors are selling your information. Their power can affect all areas in your life from your car payments, to your house, and your job. Even if your negative items are accurate and you’ve already paid off your collections, we will be disputing, and we will continue to do so until each item is removed from all three of your credit reports. Regardless of your negative items being accurate or not, we will get them removed in the FASTEST way possible.

Most certainly! If your credit and over financial situation is suffering because you filed for bankruptcy, don’t worry! We will get your bankruptcy off, as well as your other negative items removed from your reports. That means we will do the maximum that can be legally done every month until it’s off! If you’re already in a rut, we don’t want your financial situation to get worse.

If you are in the market to buy a home or a car, get a business loan, or even just get a low interest rate on a credit card, then boosting your credit score may be the best investment you can possibly make. With a better credit score you will save thousands of dollars by getting a lower interest rate on everything you may be currently financing, or planning to finance. For most people making purchases like these, you can’t afford NOT to fix your credit score. A change of  50 points in your credit score could save you TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars on a mortgage.

What are the costs associated with your service?

Our prices depend on different factors, how many negative accounts you have and what type of accounts they are. We have prices that range from $396 to $1688 for more severe cases. The best way to get your exact price quote would be to get a free credit analysis and go over your situation with a dedicated credit specialist. We understand that most people cannot afford to pay in full so don’t sweat it! We can have it financed for you where you know exactly how many payments you’ll be making before you get started.

Since you will be working with your assigned, dedicated Personal Credit Specialist, you can communicate with him/her directly in many different ways. E-mail , call, or text. You’ll get answers on any question you may have about your case in the simplest, most convenient way you prefer.

Our office hours are: Monday – Friday, from 9am – 7:30pm, EST. Saturday, 12pm – 5pm, EST. We are closed on Sundays.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was made for your protection. We leverage these laws to make sure that the the credit bureaus and the creditors are completely following all the rules and regulations required.

You can read a copy of it here https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/pdf-0096-fair-credit-reporting-act.pdf