Home Loans For Bad Credit

Home Loans For Bad Credit

Home Loans for bad credit are out there.  Search hard enough and you will find someone to rake you over the coals.  Remember there is a sucker born every minute and predatory lenders know it.

How Much Will Bad Credit Cost You Over the Term Of A 30 Year Home Loan?

You can get approved for a home loan with bad credit. But why would you want to? Take the time to calculate your payments with a high interest rate and a low interest rate. We offer a free mortgage calculator on the bottom of this page for you.

Got Approved. Now What?

You may be excited to get that mortgage loan with bad credit. However, that excitement may subside when you realize how much you are paying in interest over the term of that loan.  A good credit score may not be as far out of your reach as you would think.  Also, you want banks to compete for your business and not have to beg for theirs.  Nonetheless, even if you are already paying high interest rates, we can boost your credit score. As a result you will get lower interest rates and pay thousands less.

A 5 minutes call to our credit specialists may save you thousands of dollars.  The call is always completely free because we want to show you our expertise BEFORE you sign up with us.  The only thing that you have to lose is a high interest rate. Credit repair may be the best investment you make towards you future and your families financial well being.

Check out our Home Loans For Bad Credit Calculator to find out how much you will save!

See For Yourself . Calculate Your Mortgage Payments

Save THOUSANDS with a Better Credit Score!

See The Difference Between  a 7% Interest Rate and a 3% Interest Rate. The Difference May Be Your Credit Score.