What They DIDN’T Teach You In School. How is Your Credit Score Calculated?

How is your credit score calculated? What you don’t know WILL hurt you.  Many Americans go through 4 years of High School and learn (or don’t learn) a lot of information.  History, science, algebra and most likely a whole bunch of non-sense that will NEVER be used to benefit them in real life. The average Americans credit score would be way higher if they had learned at least the BASICS of credit and how their score is calculated.

If you have recently been looking to purchase a car or home and have been denied or given a loan-shark type of interest rate, you understand the frustration that credit ignorance can cause. A little bit of knowledge in this area can go a long way… and here’s why;


– Lower Interest Rates (save thousands)

– Avoid Rookie Mistakes That Impact Your Score Negatively

– Ignore the “Credit Myths” out there that your friends and family are falsely spreading

– Get approved for Car Loan & Mortgage


What is your credit score?

How is your credit score calculated?

What can you do to improve your credit score?

What hurts your credit score?

Unfortunately, very few people know the answers to these questions. That is, until they really need their credit for a major purchase. As a result their credit is usually bad. The good news is your credit can be repaired. However, it may take several months even up to a year to improve your credit score.  Since this depends on many different factors.

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