Repairing Your Credit: A Valuable New Year’s Resolution

Happy new year! How’s that gym membership working out for you?

While the world around you continues to break the promises they made to themselves, how about doing something that doesn’t take a lot of effort but will deliver value well into the future? If you have been thinking about what you can do to repair your credit, now’s a great time to get started.


Rather than thinking of it as an added expense and hassle, see it as an investment in your future—one that might not necessarily include lunges and squats—but could potentially save you thousands of dollars as you build your new and improved version of the American dream.

Bad credit hurts you in many ways


If your credit score isn’t great, you’ve probably already felt the impact. Negative items that show up on your credit report might include late payments, tax liens, bankruptcies, or collection notices. Sometimes, these issues can linger for years, affecting your ability to get credit cards or make major purchases like a car or a house.

Additionally, potential landlords and employers in some sectors (like finance) will often do a credit check before they greenlight your application. If this is the case, you don’t want to be in a situation where everything was looking pretty great – until they saw your credit report.

Even your existing credit card companies might raise your rates if your score drops below a certain level. Insurance companies might deny you as well, forcing you into a situation where you will have to depend on high-risk providers that charge absolutely insane rates to individuals with poor credit.

If you have ever been denied insurance, denied credit for something you really want or need, or if you are paying an arm and a leg for the financing you already have, just know that you don’t have to settle – you can do something about it!

Repair your credit now

Having good credit provides benefits that go way beyond just about feeling good about yourself. Even a small change often makes a huge difference when it comes to obtaining a loan or financing a purchase.

For instance, the difference between a 630 and a 720 FICO score can save you literally thousands of dollars on your mortgage, car loan, or any other type of financing. Better still, it’s possible for just about anybody to obtain that kind of an improvement.

Using a credit repair service like Real Clique makes it possible to see results in as little as 30 to 60 days. We examine your credit bureau report and work to remove negative items and help rebuild your reputation – or, if no credit is your issue, we can help with that as well, giving you the financial advice, tools, and knowledge you need to get on top of the situation fast.


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