Struggling With Student Loans?

                You’ve probably been taught all your life that since student loans are given from the government, that there is nothing that can be done to get them removed from your credit reports besides paying them off.

Not true! We dispute and clear off student loans from our clients reports all the time. You may be thinking, “Is that legal? Can I avoid my student loans altogether?” To answer those questions, yes, everything we do is legal and your choice to either avoid your student loans or to pay them off is up to you. Getting debts off your credit reports does not resolve you of the debts, rather it takes away the pain of having those debts affect your credit.

If you have student loans that have spiraled out of control because of interest, your credit score doesn’t have to suffer from it. Buy the house you’ve always wanted, finance a new car at the best rate, and do all that you want with your new credit score after we get those pesky loans off your reports for you. The only way for a student loan to come back onto your reports is if the bank that owns your debt sells it to another bank.